For your convenience, a number of services are available within the same building as Community Care Family Medicine to help in your medical care and treatment.

Blood Work

We draw blood right in our office so there is no need to go to an outside lab for tests. When blood is drawn at Community Care Family Medicine, results are put directly into your computerized electronic health record and results can be accessed immediately. If, for some reason, blood work cannot be done at the same time as the office visit, you can schedule an appointment with the nurse to come in for your blood work.

If your insurance company requires you use a specific lab, such as Labcorp or Quest, you can still have your blood drawn in our office. Our main lab will send the test to the appropriate lab and results will come back into our computer system.

If you are enrolled in mycareDOT™, Community Care Physicians patient portal powered by FollowMyHealth™, your doctor may be able to share some lab and test results via this secure system, as soon as they are reviewed and available. mycareDOT™ allows you 24/7 access to your doctor’s office anytime, anywhere using an internet connection. Read to learn more about enrolling and how this can assist in your medical care.



A benefit of our location is access to Community Care’s radiology facility, ImageCare. For many urgent issues, x-rays may be needed. ImageCare can perform these tests on-site for your convenience. During regular daytime hours, those images will be reviewed by a radiologist who will discuss the results with your primary care doctor who ordered the test. Your doctor will also have access to the films and reports for evaluation through our electronic health record computer system as soon as they are complete.